Landretti's Project Studio

                                                                   -- Art with imagination in mind. --

Landretti's Project Studio is a prototype art studio. I am artist and maker. I focus on experimental art, machines, and mixed media. This Web Studio documents and warehouses my projects. Depending on the idea, I use fiber, images, metal, wood, words, clay, concrete and found objects. 

Having been raised with the gospel of utility, I now enjoy the unbridled expression of creative imagination. Utility is overrated and I believe that whimsy that feeds the soul. 

My projects are one-of-a-kind objects: most having motion or the implication of motion. Thanks for visiting.

My name is Gregory James Landretti ... aka Guido. I live the Town of Berry, 20 miles west of Madison, Wisconsin, and half-way between the Villages of Cross Plains and Black Earth. My studio/gallery is set a hillside in the unglaciated part of the Wisconsin. 

Other interests include writing, exploring, motorcycling, treasure hunting, movies, and music.