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Kandinsky Book Shelf

This is a mixed-media bookshelf. It has a steel frame, wood shelves, and inlay metal designs. The inlay designs are inspired by the paintings of the Russian-born Wassily Kandinsky who instructed at the Bauhaus from 1922 to 1933. These inlay designs are samples "extracted" from his work--mostly from his Composition series. 

The uprights for the frame were made from one-inch square steel tubing. The cross-members were made from 1/4" bar stock and support the shelves. The shelves are Wisconsin cherry. The inlay includes silver, brass, copper, and bronze. The shelf stands 5'6" high, is 36" wide, and is 12" deep. I applied a patina to the steel to create a dark mottled brown. The shelves have been lacquered.



(This is from the Blue Rider theme and is copper with a heat patina)


Keywords: Cherry bookshelf, Steel Frame Bookshelf, Kandinsky,