Thufir Bushinski

Polymer clay, steel, concrete, and creative fiction.


The person behind this nose:

Thufir Bushinski was born in Saint Petersburg in 1887. He was the great nephew of Alexander III who was the Emperor of Russia, the King of Poland, and the Grand Prince of Finland.

In 1907, Thufir Bushinski married Elizaveta Krachinsky, the daughter of a tailor. They had three sons and three daughters. The eldest son, Egor, lived with Thufir’s parents at the family farm because he enjoyed the animals, especially their dog Mitsy, a large golden retriever who spent more time with the chickens than with the family.

For most of his life, Thufir operated a carriage business and was well-known for his steel rimmed wheels, hammered in the green-tipped flames of his forge which was fired by special wood from the mystical forest of Kuznetsov, north of the city.

When Thufir was 50 years old, he and Elizaveta, and the children immigrated on the steamship “Esfir” to the United States settling in central Pennsylvania where Thufir and his sons Kuzma and Maksim built horse buggies for regional merchants. The daughters, Lilily, Rufina, and Snezhana, moved to New York City and became a singing trio for RCA Radio.

Thufir favored his Finnish disposition but his stout stature, dark skin, and broad smile came from his mother who was Ukranian. As Thufir matured, his facial grew at an accelerated rate and while he carefully maintained his mustache, his eyebrows grew wild.

Thufir had 23 grandchildren and 12 grandchildren. He died in 1979 at the age of 92. None of his children had bushy eyebrows and the girls were especially grateful for that.

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