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Magik Wand Project

December 2014

I made eight magic wands for solstice/Christmas presents for family members including sons, daughter-in-laws, grandchildren and my wife. They were turned from cherry, rosewood, and another species which I do not recall. The gems were purchased from Burnies Rock Shop in Madison and included citrine, flourite, peacock ore, tiger eye, rainforest jasper, idocrase, chrysocolla, precious topaz, smokey quartz, and amethyst. The darker gems and minerals where recessed into the handle end and the lighter gems were inset into the business end of the wands. Some gems were used as accelerators near the handle but most often base metals--copper, nickel, brass, and steel--were used. Inlays included thread and sewn leather. 

They were placed in velvet bags made by my wife and adorned with bells. They were assigned by characteristics of the receiver and were blessed before delivery. 


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